We believe that focusing on fewer investments and executing them really well delivers greater shareholder value. We do this by handpicking extraordinary opportunities and serving in key management roles to personally drive rapid and substantial growth. We are fully vested in the outcomes and only make money if our investors do too.

Through our ownership model, we originate businesses or partner with existing teams and enterprises – contributing leadership, strategy, business planning and development, back-office services and our business and investor network.

The ocean-going vessel that carried Cecil John Rhodes to a land of opportunity was named Eudora. We feel our organization represents the modern equivalent: a vehicle for partners, clients, management teams and investors to propel themselves towards their ultimate goals and investment rewards.

Eudora was founded by a core group of partners that bring a wide variety of capabilities and experience to the table.

We focus on three key sectors of business – allowing us to leverage our strengths both domestically and abroad.
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