Sector Focus

Health Care

In recent years, the PBM (Pharmacy Benefits Management) segment of the health care industry has grown exponentially – and shows no signs of slowing. Eudora worked in partnership with industry leaders to form, develop and operate a full-service PBM provider for public and private companies and health plans that is now profitable and growing rapidly. We have also enhanced this business by partnering with complementary healthcare services businesses and additional businesses are being considered for partnerships and/or acquisition.

Online Gaming & Services

Internet Gaming is a progressive, emerging industry that is positioned for explosive growth – and Eudora has geared up for great success by founding, developing and operating an international online gaming company, Ocho Global, serving both the B2B and B2C markets. We have enhanced these businesses by forming joint ventures and partnerships with industry-leading companies in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. Additional partnerships are being considered. You can visit Ocho’s Latin America-based B2C offering here.

Our work in Online Services also includes helping to launch and support businesses in emerging markets in areas including cloud data computing, internet data centers and homeland security.

Green Technologies & Services

The Eudora partnership includes members with deep experience in resource and technology-oriented enterprises. We have seen and contributed to a wealth of opportunities in the green technologies sector. We continue to seek a business that meets our selective investment criteria.